A Penny-wise thought…book proposal

I have a book in the works, A Ledger of Tears. This title is taken from Psalm 56:8: “You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, Each tear entered in Your ledger, each ache written in Your book. (MSG)

I am shopping for publishers and agents. The brief synopsis of the book is this:

Catharine Roberts, a strong, independent, yet sensitive woman, is tormented by memories of her past. She comes to Jonathan Webster, a compassionate and insightful Christian therapist, for help to untangle the knots that bind her.

Jonathan helps Catharine to resolve the conflicts and to understand the dissonance she experiences in her relationships with her birth family. We discover that on top of everything Catharine has had to bear, she has Bipolar Disorder. Her trauma – and her disorder- spill over into her adult life, and we follow her experiences through good times and bad.  Catharine is steeped in scripture, and readily shares the passages that have meant the most to her during harrowing times.

Much as Jonathan likes and respects Catharine, the sanctity of the client/therapist relationship must not be broken. Is there a budding relationship?

So, dear friend, this is a tidbit of what A Ledger of Tears is all about. What follows? Tears of Joy!

I have processed a great deal through journalling. Perhaps you have found that journalling your path has been helpful. I strongly recommend it, for it brings clarity, and often helps resolve issues that are rattling around inside our brains 🙂



A Penny-wise thought…Welcome!

Hello, and welcome to Penny’s thoughts! There will be all kinds of thoughts – fun thoughts, witty thoughts, serious thoughts, wise thoughts.

My immediate claim to fame is a book I have recently written, A Ledger of Tears. It is the story of a woman who grew up in traumatic circumstances. She sees a therapist, and it is during their sessions that her story unfolds. While pain and suffering followed her into adulthood, she arrives at a safe place where she can now thrive. We see how God protected her and sheltered her and was there for her from her earliest memory throughout her entire life.

The title of the book, A Ledger of Tears, comes from Psalm 56:8 – “You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, Each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book.” (The Message)

What has your journey been like? Leave me a comment.