Held hostage by a cat…


This poem is self-explanatory, I believe. When my roommate brought a kitten home, the plants on my desk – which unfortunately were toxic to the kitten – were relocated to my bedroom. Ever since then, it has been my unpleasant duty to keep the cat from entering my room, or once she is in there, to get her back out, no matter what time of day or night.


Held hostage by a cat.

Her name? Goal.
Is it her goal to keep me prisoner?
Retribution for keeping her from epipremnum aureum and chlorophytum comosum, the Devil’s Ivy and Spider?
Two species of plants inhabiting my room that could prove deadly should she take a tasty bite.
So, the door to my room remains closed for her safety,
Shutting her out and shutting me in.

We battle in the night, her for access, me for blocking entrance to a room that holds fatal attraction.
She knows not it is for her protection, to safeguard her against the evils of my greenery.
My room holds an abundance of fascinating hiding spots, appealing scents, intriguing specks on the carpet.
She could spend hours in there, her curiosity being rewarded in a thousand different ways.

But I need my sleep.

I need to escort her to safety, unwilling as she may be.
My patience is tried, my ingenuity is taxed, until finally…finally! I find the magic combination and she leaves the room, either willingly or with a little help.
Once more, I can slumber, but I know
This scene will play out again and again and again.

Held hostage by a cat.


This was written on July 9, 2019 after a particularly trying night. I am happy to report that this situation has been resolved; this evening my daughter took my plants for safekeeping. The cat has total access. We will no longer war. We are at peace with one another.

May you find resolutions to your conflicts!







A Penny-wise thought…Reconnoiter

verb (used with object)
to inspect, observe, or survey the enemy, the enemy’s strength, opposition, a region, etc. in order to gain information for military purposes.

to examine or survey (a region, area, etc.) for engineering, geological, or other purposes.

verb (used without object)

to make reconnaissance.

Armies on the march need time to rest. Rest is essential. If it’s not part of our routine, our minds and bodies will protest in unmistakeable ways. If we don’t heed the warnings, we will shut down in unexpected ways. Our march forward will be anything but efficient.
This holds true for everyone, whether Bipolar or not, but perhaps especially if one has Bipolar Disorder.

Sometimes the best strategy is to retreat and then attack from a different position. Going backwards to go forwards? Retreating to advance? We may have to go back to square one in order to regain our bearings, collect ourselves, and set out with a renewed purpose and sense of mission. During the course of this exercise, we may come to the realization that this particular battle doesn’t need to be fought at all. We have reconnoitred – surveyed the territory – and come to a decision. Then it’s a matter of informing the troops. If they protest and disagree, well, we are the ones in charge. It is our health and resources that are at stake.

What tactics work in one set of manoeuvres may not work in another. Again, taking time out to reconnoiter may save a great deal of frustration.

There are at least three options. You may think of more.
1. Decide not to proceed.
2. Decide to proceed as planned, fully cognizant of the contingencies involved.
3. Decide to head in a different direction, if that suits the objectives.
What is the objective? To achieve our goals, to enhance our quality of life, to??? you fill in the blank.

What is amazing is that we don’t have to fight our battles alone. We have an awesome Commander-in-Chief who promises to march by our side. At times we don’t have to fight at all, for the victory is the Lord’s.

One of my favourite stories is found in 2 Kings 7. The people of Israel are besieged by the Syrians, who are camped outside the walls of the city. The price of food has gone through the roof. Four lepers decided to surrender themselves to the enemy, in the hopes that their lives may be spared and that they will be fed. If not,well, they were doomed to die anyhow. What happened when they entered the enemy camp? They found a treasure trove of loot and animals, but no enemy! God had caused the enemy to hear the noise of chariots and the noise of horses – the noise of a great army. The enemy ran for their lives. No one struck a single blow! The famine was over. A fine example of God fighting on behalf of His people.

Take time to take stock. Reconnoiter what’s ahead of you. Make an informed choice about next steps. May your march forward be rewarding!



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