A Penny-wise thought… Reprieve

As I write this, we are enjoying above-average temperatures in Wellington County, and indeed over most of eastern Canada and northeastern United States. Above-average means above 0°. This is a reprieve from the bitterly cold temperatures we have had over Christmas and the New Year, where we had wind-chill factors in the minus 20’s.

Reprieves are good. Reprieves are necessary. A reprieve comes in many forms. For the prisoner on death-row, a reprieve means a stay of execution. For the patient who suffers the debilitating effects of a disease, it could mean the remission of the disease. It could mean a coffee with a friend, and a chance to chat and pour your out heart about what life has handed you and how you feel about it. It could mean buying a single rose for yourself, to put in a vase where you can often admire its beauty. Many forms.

I have Bipolar Disorder, and am sometimes caught in a depression that seems so deep, I will never crawl out of it. I have understanding friends, as well as an awesome daughter, who cheer me on and keep in touch with me even though I feel I am a pariah. I have faith in a living, loving God. When I am in the deepest despair, I know He cares for me. If I lose hope, my daughter, friends and Pastor lift me up in prayer and, miraculously, I feel better again. This sometimes happens because, no doubt as a result of prayer, daily devotionals seem to directly address my situation, and the scriptures they contain give me courage to keep on going. I have had a reprieve.

Are you needing a reprieve? Do you need a safe place to spill out what you’re going through? Leave me a comment.





A Penny-wise thought… One for the money, two for the road…

Three to get ready and four to go! How could I have a name like Penny and not think about money? I have cash flow – it flows, and flows, and flows right out of my hands into the big sea of expenses – some quite necessary, some not so quite. And then the waves of necessity start pounding on my shore. Can I withstand this force? If I’m well-prepared, the waves are a beautiful and expected sight. But if I’m not, they threaten to overwhelm me and I’m left scrambling to reach higher ground.

Number-crunching is my hobby. It hasn’t made me any richer, but I have been able to put each expense into categories: Fixed, Flexible, Food, Fun, Funding (giving), Future (savings), and Vision. I have a very good idea of how much I spend for each category each month. I am fine-tuning these numbers into something that works, given my income.

Vision is a recent category. Writing is my true calling. I have authored one book and I’m working on two more. This puts me amongst the ranks of the self-employed. Any expenses connected to these books or my blogs fall under Vision.  You may wish to apply this category to your own vocation, calling, or work. These expenses are tax-deductible to some degree and are worth recording.

What is the purpose of this? It’s so I spend within the parameters of a carefully reasoned-out spending plan. It’s so I don’t have too much month left over at the end of my money. With a little bit of self-discipine, when those waves come rolling in, I’ll be prepared to meet each one. Peace of mind frees me, so my creative work is not inhibited. May you enjoy peace of mind on your journey.



A Penny-wise thought…Welcome!

Hello, and welcome to Penny’s thoughts! There will be all kinds of thoughts – fun thoughts, witty thoughts, serious thoughts, wise thoughts.

My immediate claim to fame is a book I have recently written, A Ledger of Tears. It is the story of a woman who grew up in traumatic circumstances. She sees a therapist, and it is during their sessions that her story unfolds. While pain and suffering followed her into adulthood, she arrives at a safe place where she can now thrive. We see how God protected her and sheltered her and was there for her from her earliest memory throughout her entire life.

The title of the book, A Ledger of Tears, comes from Psalm 56:8 – “You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, Each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book.” (The Message)

What has your journey been like? Leave me a comment.